The Harbord Bakery Challah

You know, quite frankly, I just don’t get it.  We celebrate all these ridiculous civic and religious holidays, but we don’t celebrate or recognize the finer things in life, like The Harbord Bakery Challah.  How can this be??  We celebrate Victoria day, which marks Queen Victoria’s birthday and we’ve never had a queen, and yet, we don’t recognize the Harbord Bakery Challah in any manner.  Something is terribly wrong with this picture.  That beautiful egg bread, lightly sprinkled with seeds should, at the very least, be commemorated on one of the Canadian coins.  If it was up to me, I would create a new $3 bill with its picture on it.  And, I say we get rid of the Maple Leaf on the Canadian flag and go with the Challah, or at least mention it in our national anthem.

It was only recently that I realized how important this challah is to me.  I have always known how good they are as I’ve been eating them for the past 25 years.  I did a little digging on the internet to find some information and reviews on this sacred loaf, but I came up empty-handed.  It’s mind boggling that something so incredible is not held in a higher regard.  Just looking at one of those braided beauties conjures up feelings of my first born, swaddled tight, resting in the bassinet.

Anyway, enough of my antics.

This challah is just so wonderful, better than any I’ve ever had.  It’s not just better, it literally blows the competition out of the water.  The texture is soft, moist and chewy, the flavor rich and sweet.  It can be purchased with sesame or poppy seeds.  It’s funny that most of the time we use bread as a vehicle to eat and savor other ingredients, like meats, jams and cheeses.  With the Harbord Bakery Challah, it is quite the opposite.  I look to the other ingredients as the vehicle to enhance and compliment the Challah.  It makes everything better, from chopped liver to butter to salami.

I religiously keep at least 6 in my freezer at all times.  2 1/2 minutes in the nuker (microwave) and it’s as if she was pulled fresh from the oven.  I am generally not one to freeze anything, but breads, especially the Harbord bakery Challah, hold up well when frozen.

If you think you know or have been acquainted with great French toast, think again.  This Challah will supplant any other and help create the finest French toast known to mankind.  Substitute regular bread for the Challah, and there you have it.  And when it comes to grilled cheese, when sautéed in delicious butter, it is unmatched.

I dare someone to find me a better tasting challah anywhere.

We need to give this bread the respect is so richly deserves.

Oh Canada, our Harbord Bakery Challah, True Patriot Love, in all thy son’s command………..

The EpicureJunkie

Harbord Bakery
115 Harbord Street
Toronto, ON M5S 1G7
(416) 922-5767



All Hail the Harbord Challah. Well said MGF, we eat them whenever we can in our household and yes they turn french toast into a masterpiece. My father in law anxiously waits for me to make it for him on Sundays at the cottage.

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ReplyDeb M

Never heard of it! What country does it come from before you get all Canadian about it.


Funny that you are writing about the Harbord Challah as I was having a debate at the cottage this weekend about those delicious challahs. My issue is not the taste but rather the shelf life. Have you ever kept a Harbord Challah on the counter for a few (maybe even longer) days? Nothing happens to it. No mould. Nothing! What does that mean? Heavy preservatives? A bit scary I have to say…

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